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​​​Corvus Eye Productions


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Shapeshifting is all around us. We see it in nature as some animals physically change to adapt and survive in their surroundings. Minerals can shapeshift over time, like coal into diamonds. Even in our own western society we see people yearning to become something different as plastic surgery and sexual alterations become more common. We even see the concept of shapeshifting in our stories and legends of history. The idea of transforming into something other than your physical self has been around as long as we can go back into the history of man and shapeshifting has been a practice of Shamans and indigenous tribes all over the globe. With the idea so widely accepted throughout the world but also kept away from us through the veil of fantasy, how can we find the truth about such an amazing concept and can it change our conception of reality? The film follows a four people and their team as they travel the globe looking for the truth about shapeshifting and how it could be used in our modern society today. What they find will bend your minds imagination and have you questioning reality as they also discover that shapeshifting is not only about transforming ones physical self, but altering the state of the world as we know it.

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