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​​​Corvus Eye Productions


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Shapeshifting Destination

New Mexico
The team seeks out Shaman from the Navajo tribe to observe the Skin-Walkers, a person with the supernatural ability to turn into any animal he or she desires. The Navajo are the most renowned Skin-Walkers.


The team heads to the deep forests of Peru and Ecuador to find the Shuar tribe. The Shuar are an ancient tribal nation of headhunters who have Shaman that are known for their miraculous abilities in Shapeshifting. 


The team travels with John Perkins to Guatemala to capture Mayan Shapeshifting and observe: “BIRTHING THE NEW ERA- Realizing the Prophecies in the Lands of the Maya: Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness”.

The team heads to Brazil to the waters of the Rio Negrodiscover. Myths surround around the pink dolphins that inhabit the river, including the legend that they can take human form.

The Werewolf Belt

The team heads to Europe to the famous Werewolf Belt that spans from Greece to Scandinavia. Here there are legendary lore of Werewolves and the ever famous rare psychiatric syndrome, Lycanthropy.


The team sets its sights on Ireland, a place where whole clans of Irish are hereditary Shapeshifters. Legends have it that warriors were able to become so fierce on the battlefield that they physically changed shape into fearsome creatures.

Zimbabwe​/South Africa
The team travels to Zimbabwe to investigate the mysterious reported sightings of people transforming into Jackals and then to the South African town of Karoo where the local police have had numerous reports of a Shapeshifter plaguing the locals.

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